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 created on: Monday, August 25th, 2014

global, Tunisia


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Nothing has changed or perhaps there has been some change. Since when? Nobody knows, but you are a woman, and it doesn’t matter whether they call you Miss or Mrs. Either ways, you are not far from being the property of your man. Here in tunisia, you must yet play the ‘Virgin’ to keep your man because being kissed and respected at the same time by the same man is still a hard equation to solve. Here, the guy can tell you that marriage is an imperialist institution and that the man, who cheats on his wife, cheats on the proletariat of the whole world. However, he will cheat on you the night of Valentine with his Ex and he will not hesitate to beat you if you protest…Yes , yes! And you will even be absolutely afraid to denounce it because you know that you will be the only one to blame. Here, a young girl would pass away and her family would not hesitate a second to check if that devil of a little membrane is still intact and would brag: their daughter is dead but safe and sound. the paradox! Here, you can be lucky to age to be 50 or 60 but still at that age, you need to hide while smoking your afternoon cigarette. You will live here but if you wish, you can live in a world existing only inside your head. Yet, be ready! there is always a price to pay.

Sana is a 26 years old doctor living and working in Tunisia.