Equal in the Streets

“Equal in the streets” is a theatre project that brings the stories of “Equal for Equal” to the streets using the method of Forum Theatre. It was developed during the 3rd Forum of the Cultural Innovators Network in May 2014 in Thessaloniki.

Forum Theatre is the primary method of the “Theatre of the Oppressed” of Augusto Boal. We want to use this theatrical technique in public spaces – such as streets, parks and market places – in cities of the Euro-MENA region. The individual performances will be based on the stories that are published on the “Equal for Equal” website. In the tradition of Forum Theatre the so called “spect-actors” get the chance to intervene in the play and add themselves as new characters to find a solution for the shown conflict. The aim is to confront ordinary people, many of whom may just be experiencing the play by chance, with their own experiences of and perspectives on gender inequality.

At the end of 2014 “Equal in the streets” organized three workshops and a final perfomance each in Jordan, Palestine and Germany.

Equal in the streets in Birzeit and Ramallah/Palestine

The following movie shows two scenes which were developed during the Equal in the Streets workshop in Palestine and got performed at the Kamal Nasser Hall Building at Birzeit University and at Ottoman Courtyard in Ramallah in November 2014.

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Equal in the streets in Amman/Jordan

The following movie tells the story of Ahlam from Jordan. The performance was developed during the Equal in the streets workshop in Jordan and was performed at Hashemite Plaza in Amman in Jordan in 2014.

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Equal in the streets in Magdeburg/Germany

The following movie shows the final performance of the German workshop of Equal in the streets which took place in a mall on a crowded saturday shopping day in Magdeburg.

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