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 created on: Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

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I am Renad, 27 years old and a women’s rights activist. I am from Yemen and live in Sweden. As a job I do Public Relations for Basement Cultural Foundation.

Since the age of thirteen, and to this very day, my family would not allow me to play in the street with my brother, while my brother could do so at any time. I was not allowed to go to the club and play sports, but my brother was. I was not allowed to sleep over at my (girl) friend’s house but my brother was. I was not allowed to speak to my fellow students at university but my brother was. I was not allowed to travel with my (girl) friends but my brother was. My daily allowance was less than my brother’s and my freedom was heavily restricted.

With regard to work my salary is always less than that of my male colleagues who always receive promotions and bonuses while my work is never recognized.

The constitution and laws in my country, discriminate between myself and a man.  The laws oppress me and deprive me of my rights, not the opposite.

The laws must be changed to establish equality between the two sexes and grant women their rights. Then will come a phase of ever increasing consciousness through the organisations and active people, through clubs and activities, leading to a different, new, awareness among men and women alike.