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 created on: Friday, October 25th, 2013

Germany, global


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Die Autorin wurde 1989 in München geboren, wo sie Dramaturgie studierte. Mit 24 zog sie nach Berlin, um am Theater zu arbeiten und schrieb diesen Text. Fünf Jahre später ist aus der Dramaturgin eine Drehbuchautorin geworden, aber der Text ist ihr jetzt fremd – deshalb möchte sie anonym bleiben. Mit den Jahren kam das Wissen, dass die Dinge erstens komplexer und zweitens ungerechter sind, als gedacht. Dennoch denkt sie beim Lesen mit leichtem Wehmut an die kämpferische Klarheit von damals zurück…

“If you spoon me from behind, I feel like a woman. And I don’t know what I should do with my right arm! “, he says, and I turn laughing onto my back and allow myself to be framed by his strong, manly arms, I rest my curls against the security of his shoulder. Sometimes I love to hide behind role models.

There are elections in Bavaria. Women are a political issue, differences in salary between the sexes is a scandal. Yet, why do I find it inconsistent, that there is a centre of conflict between my thighs? Leave my body out of it for once.

“I think you’re lazy in bed,” he says and I look puzzled over the edge of my coffee cup. Oh really? Exactly what movement does he expect me to make when I’m lying on my back, with him pressing my legs against my belly with his arms and holding them there with his body weight? I dream of truly equal intercourse, without passive and active roles, and without penetration and submission, rather a completely symbiotic, interlinking, non-heirarchical infinity.

It is nighttime in Munich. Beautiful women move across the brightly lit streets of this central European metropolis. I hear your high, clear laughter, see your blonde hair, always this blond hair, do you not realize that you all look the same? They let their husbands carry them, when their heels become too painful, they eat their kebabs without onions and, of course, they sit in the passenger seat in their cars. Sometimes, I hate it when they hide behind role models.

“Sometimes you really scare me”, he says and I lower my contract, that, just a moment ago, was waving happily in the air. Is it a problem that I – three years his senior – am now starting my career in a great company and with a great salary, while he is still in the second semester?

It is the age of woman in industrial countries. Says my best friend’s homosexual boss and he hopes that gay people can also benefit from it. It is interesting that a time when women finally more or less have the same opportunities as men, is named after them. Thus it is actually all of our age. We, who all have options. We, who are able to move. We, who make free choices. We, who are the first generation to be able to see ourselves as a group. As competitors, friends, siblings, colleagues, enemies, lovers, partners and neighbours, of course. But as equal parts of same self-interested primordial soup, no longer only women and men. We would all have to lie in the bed we had made.