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 created on: Friday, October 25th, 2013



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Antoneta is 55 years old. She is a professor at the university in Albania.

The woman and her role are quite decisive in both public and personal spheres. The reason why is quite simple; because she is present everywhere where man are, even though society denies that. Her presence is not exclusively related with the familiar sphere, a sphere which is completely in her lead, especially in Albania where women are sociologically raised to be the queen of this personal and political sphere. For me this sociological role is not negative; the familiar obligations, even the mere act of cleaning or doing the dishes, give you organizational skills that may help later on in your professional career. I have lived and experienced both political regimes and the differences are noticeable. We have more options now, especially in terms of education. Now we have the chance to get better education that is later translated in better chance of work, living standards, higher contribution in political aspects and higher chances of have a successful career. You have no idea how difficult was for us before…our limitation… now we discuss about gender inequality, seeing and proclaiming its negative effects while before you had no chance to talk, at all.

With the passing of years you get to notice the differences. You see changes in the family structure, in politics but still I see cultural inequalities. Even if she works and has finished all her duties, a girl is not allowed to go out later than 10.00 p.m because it is not seen with positive eye from the society. I experience these cultural with my students as well; girls who are brave enough to be successful but decide to stay home and boys who are sure that they will lead. I do not get that… in my family I was raised equally with my brother, we both got education and as far as my parents help me build a feeling of responsibility and self judgment to improve myself; I learned to stood up for myself and choices were mine only.

Today I have other expectations. I do not have any more the chances or the possibilities of a young lady. I am happy when I get to finish my work at the end of the day. Life taught me that we all have that special talent to do something good for ourselves and if we cultivate and educate it, I am sure the society would be better.