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 created on: Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

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Graduated from the french department of the Egyptian university of Commerce “Ain Al Shams” and Poitier University in France. I dreamt since the 25th January (means since the tunisian Revolution) and I dream and I be always dreaming of a better life in this country. I’m also graduated from the French school ‘les frères’ in Cairo. I gave up of politics since the brotherhood regime took the power because there I no use of calling them sneak agents all the times.. 

I am a strong believer of this quote: “Everything is happening for a reason”. Away from the political situation, the morals in Egypt are tragically disappearing. Meanwhile, the crime rate is reaching the top and keeps on increasing. Crime is not only stealing or killing.. The crimes I am talking about are moral crimes.

The direction of TV channels describe it as “the flourishing democracy” but the truth is that we are reaching the worst stage of immoral society.. Let’s simply calculate it: 80% of the Egyptian girls and ladies are (and I am so embarrassed to tell) DAILY victim of sexual harassment. Although Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is making the punishment more severe, we are still suffering and those assholes are still harassing women while they are not half the men they are pretending to be..

An injection of pride and a pill of manliness

Well, I don’t know from where to start because I am really shocked of what is happening during the last few days. I question myself who is wrong as I am trying to make it logic, exactly like a friend I telling me but I still don’t get it. May be there are explanations and real causes… but the reason of what is happening to our girls in our society is.. (and I am so ashamed to tell it) “DIRTY”! It is not because ‘dirty’ is a bad word, God forbid, or because I am fond of this society, absolutely NOT! but because the word “DIRTY” is sooo poor to describe our society.. A society that, really, the best way to describe would be “moldy and stinky and rubbish”.. and please excuse me for my words but I am really pissed off!!

Imagine that our society is a group of animals.. If an animal is hungry, what is it going to do? It will eat whatever he finds on his way.. Why?.. Because it is hungry…thus, it will push itself to eat what it doesn’t really like.. That means that sometimes the animal – that we call ANIMAL – has some pride if the food is moldy and stinky. Please keep in mind that it is called ANIMAL..

And here we come to what we call HUMAN BEING.. And in a description that I like, of the journalist Bassem Youssef’: “That means if you are hungry you will go and eat the first bean you find and you can’t wait??”

Normally we cannot compare the Human Being to the Animal.. But the tragedy is that we are now comparing and animals are sometimes much more better..

Am I prejudiced..Yes!..Because I see something weird in what we should call MEN! Objectively, there is indeed a handicap and many mistakes in many things..The issue cannot be resumed is an instinctive need or in a lust and so on.. But there are many other issues..

The media has an important role since the channels are diffusing live shows and movies, where the producers focus only on scenes of sexual harassment.. Like these movies of the gorgeous actor Adel Imam who is never ashamed of his dirty talks and acts.. I just can’t understand how the cinematic detective censorship, that has always forbidden a simple word of truth, allows all this..

Besides, education is now (Alhamdulillah!) not existing at all.. The father is there, to only to give money..The mother don’t even care..

The tragedy in Egypt is not the clothing of women, like people here trying always to justify it and putting the blame on women.. Because even if they get dressed in large clothes or wear the veil.. or even the Burka or Nikab, they will be EQUALLY victim of harassment.. We thank God, that those assholes didn’t deprive us of anything and achieve this EQUAL SEXUAL HARASSMENT..

As if women, when they asked for equality in society, those harassers understood that the first manifestation of equality is having fun with them like they do with their stupid mates. The problem is bigger than this…

The problem, as I said before, has a weird concept.. As if someone saw a new clean metro, so he started to destroy it .. why? Because of Hatred? It seems like their principal is simply : “If I do not own it , then I will destroy it!”

So again where is the problem? :

  1. We don’t remember God in our behavior.
  2. We don’t know how to raise our children.
  3. We don t know how big the problem is or we just act as we don’t notice it since eastern society is ashamed to even recognize the problem.
  4. We should delete the idea of ‘patriarchal society’ from the rusty minds
  5. The Clergy should emphasize it role in solving problem and please stop act as everything is perfect..Enough!

A simple deduction: Our society is not “religious by nature’”. This myth must be forgotten forever. We should deliver (and please with medical insurance so that the poor will not have any excuses) injections of pride and pills of manliness, that every man should take every morning so if he don’t feel ok, he will finally be a MAN!